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Welcome to the Club House Artists

Welcome to our Club House page! This is where you'll find information about upcoming classes and your link to our club house blog. The blog will feature our student work and also thoughts and discussions held during class that we'd like to share. We're thinking of it as a place for learning. Pretty Cool! Oh, and btw, our students ROCK!

Each new Club House Member will need to purchase our art kit from the instructor on the first day of class. Each kit includes: a portfolio bag, sketch book, 3 pencils, eraser & ruler.

About Our Classes:
The Club House Artists Series has been developed for on-going art instruction for all ages. The goal is for beginner and advance artists to feel comfortable in any series with all levels together. This is possible with the class structure and lessons. It's not necessary to take the previous series or even the first series when wanting to learn hot to draw.

Club House Artists learn the basic fundamentals of drawing. They learn "tool box" words, like horizon line, size, shading, contour, foreshortening, etc. to make their drawings look 3D 
and alive. Each class will review the important "tool box" words and each session Club House Artists can practice the technique and then take it to the next level!

We also focus on repetition of basic shapes. This process helps the students recognize that all objects are based off of basic 3D shapes.

We also assign weekly homework assignments. The Club House Artists are asked to continue practicing their 3D drawings and to fill the page with a great story in 3D. After two weeks of completed homework drawings they earn rewards. Rewards are also handed out during every class for participation and remembering their "tool box" words.

Enroll Now at Algonquin/LITH!
Go to or to register in thru the park district.

Tuesday Night Punch Card Classes
6:15-7:15pm in Algonquin
Come the weeks you can. No expiration.
These classes alternate with the park district classes.
$60 for 6 class punch card
$75 for 8 class punch card
$100 for 12 class punch card
Contact the art instructor for more details:
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