Pen & Mouse Design House Inc.  Your Creative Solutions Team!
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Everyone has a story to tell. Your story may be about the new business you are starting or even as simple as beautiful invitation design to tell your guests about your event. Whatever it might be, we're your storytellers.

What's Our Story, you ask?

Pen & Mouse Design House Inc.'s story officially began in December of 2008. Although, the concept started in 1999 and worked mainly for freelance work for hire projects.

Our team embodies the term, "storytellers." Our passion is to tell a good story using many different art forms. Our talented staff skills range from graphic design, writing, photography, multimedia, and much more. Anything we can get our hands on to tell the story we use it!

We believe that once you contact us with your story, that we become your ultimate business partner on the path to success. We want to create a buzz around the world that tells your story. If not, we'll work till we do. Our clients are always important to us and we hope to completely satisfy them so they come back for more great stories.

So ask yourself, "What's My Story?" Then contact Pen & Mouse Design House Inc. to help tell it to the world!

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